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A member can show interest in another member by liking their profile. You may 'Like' another member on their:

  • Profile page
  • Profile card in search results
  • Listing in the 'Like at first sight' feature

All members may 'Like' or revoke a 'Like' at any time. When two members 'Like' each each other they’re considered to be a match.

Members can see other members who have liked them and a list of members they have matched with in the the feature menu under their profile image thumbnail and selecting the icon

Only VIP members can access all of the benefits of the ‘Likes’ Feature.

Non-VIP members

Non-VIP members have limited access to the ‘Likes’ feature. Non-VIP members can only see photos and full profile details of VIP members who have liked or matched with them in their ‘Likes’ & ‘Matches’ folders. If another non-VIP member likes another non-VIP member this data will remain blurred out. Non-VIP members must upgrade to a VIP membership in order to unlock this feature and see who has liked or matched with them. Where two non-VIP members match with each other, only one of the two members need to upgrade to VIP membership in order for the other’s photo and profile details to become visible to the other.

VIP members

VIP members have full access to the ‘Likes’ feature. VIP members will see another member’s photo and full profile details in either the ‘Likes’ or ‘Matches’ folder, regardless of their membership status. VIP members pass on their privileges to non-VIP members when they like their profile - meaning that the non-VIP member can see the VIP members photo and full profile details in their ‘Likes’ & ‘Matches’ folders.

The best option in this instance would be to block the other member. Blocking a member means that you automatically reject any further communications from that member. It also means that your shared information with the blocked member will be deleted, including messages, and favourite lists (if they are on it). The member's profile will also not appear in searches you perform.

To block a member, please visit the member’s profile and select the icon in their profile summary bar and select 'Block'.