Make the most of your membership by starting conversations with other members. Our upgraded Messenger system allows unlimited, free-flowing conversations between members – all for 1 message credit per conversation. Conversations never expire, so you can message back and forth for as long as you want!

Maximise your chances of connecting with members by starting new conversations every day depending on the Premium membership package you’ve chosen.

Silver members Message 4 new members daily
Gold members Message 12 new members daily
Platinum members Message 25 new members daily

You can pin your important conversations, sort your inbox for ease of use, add labels and of course archive or delete conversations.

Want to share your Private Gallery with another member? Click the padlock icon under the message box and select which galleries you wish to grant access to.

Saved Responses allow you to create templates that you can use to reply to other member’s messages quickly. They’re a quick way to politely let a member know you don’t think you’re a match or that you’re interested but will reply to them later.

To make the most of your membership login every day to use your daily message credits. Credits don’t accrue so you have until midnight AEST every day to utilise them.

To see how many credits you have remaining today go to your Home page and look at Messenger in the left hand menu or via the drop down menu on mobile devices.

Learn more about the Messenger feature by visiting our Help Centre.