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47, Male
Alexandria, NSW

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Okay! So this is the part I hate - you either come off sounding arrogant or self loathing. I will attempt to do neither. What I will be is totally honest. So, pay attention, for what you read is exactly what and who I am. All pictures are recent . First let me say that I am not here looking for Ms. Right. I believe that the one who is meant to find me will. For me she will be the right one, not necessarily "Ms. Right"... I am not sure that there is such a thing for men or women. But there is a right person for all of us. That "thing" that you just know. That "click" that says, whoa, wow, what was that. Undeniably, looks play a part as we are all visually stimulated beings, however I believe it is more than just the appearance; sometimes when you meet someone and get to know them, you just feel comfortable and at peace with them, whether they are fat/slim, tall/short, pretty/or not, etc - this is (what i call) physical chemistry and it does not necessarily have to be sexual... I feel this is something which is not easy to overcome if it is not there. Which further buttresses my point that looks is an added bonus but personality takes the day. So with that said, here are the rest of my words. I am a free spirit, yet I am completely loyal. If I have something I need to say, I don't bite my tongue. I am an open book. If you can't take raw honesty, you don't want me (this doesn't mean I lack kindness and sensitivity so Having said that, i think it is important to sometimes be tactful as well). I am a whirlwind at times. A challenge if you will. But I am worth it. I am very goofy and playful year serious and responsible when the need arises. I am very passionate about everything in my life from my ambitions, family, work and values. Music moves my soul (almost all kinds but maybe not rap), a great film moves my heart and a great book takes me away. I guess if you want to know more you will have to ask... I am one of the few real deals.


Gender: Male  
Age 47  
Location Alexandria, NSW  


Star Sign Libra