Photo guidelines.

Photos you upload to your profile will be reviewed for suitability and vetted by our support team before they are added to your profile.

Please follow these guidelines when adding photos:

  • Your profile image must be a clear, recent photo that shows your face and your personality
  • You must own or have permission to use all images you upload to your profile. Using another person's image on your profile is prohibited and your account may be terminated if you are found to be using another persons image
  • Keep the photos real and updated. Adding more images allows you to convey more aspects of your personality
  • Photos that contain nudity or that are erotic must remain in your private photos. Explicit nudity or porn is not allowed anywhere on The Love Club
  • The Love Club supports a large range of image formats - we currently support JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP files
  • Maximum file size is currently 7MB

The following are some reasons why our Support Team may reject a photo:

  • Your public profile photo contains nudity
  • Your public profile photo is provocative or likely to be offensive to a reasonable person
  • Your public profile photo is blurry, out of focus or subject matter not close enough to camera
  • Photo contains a child or children
  • Photo contains personal or identifying information
  • Photo depicts an Illegal act or activity
  • Photo contains symbols or gestures that are likely to be offensive to a reasonable person
  • Photo is a collage, painting, quote or poetry

Examples of how our Support Team may moderate your public profile photo:

More about photo moderation:

All photo submissions are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Our Support Team will check all photos you add and moderate according to our photo guidelines and may move photos to another photo gallery when needed or even block the photo when needed.