What is a dating scam?

On a dating site, a scammer is someone who builds a relationship with you, pretending to be a legitimate user of a dating site, and then uses fraudulent claims to defraud you. Scammers will ask you for money, personal or financial information, or try to redirect you to sites that require payment or download malicious software onto your computer.

Scammers can be very sophisticated and cunning

Scams of this sort can be very sophisticated and scammers will go to great lengths to build a relationship with you, spending a lot of time communicating with you and perhaps even telling you they love you and sending you gifts.

Never send money to another person you meet online

The key rule is that you should never send money to anyone you meet online and should reconsider your relationship with anyone who asks you for money or who you otherwise suspect may be a scammer.

Scammers will often ask you to send money via a wire transfer service and you will usually be unable to recover money sent this way. You should also never share personal information, such as bank account or credit card details, as you risk falling victim to fraud and identity theft.

If it feels too good to be true - it probably is. If you feel uneasy about someone online or offline, acknowledge those feelings and act cautiously.

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