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The Love Club has a growing number of members who are all into the BDSM dating experience. Feel at ease to join and share your fetishes online, look to meet up and play either the submissive or dominant role. If it is BDSM chat you are after, then you can get right on with it using the sex chat rooms made available!

For those who aren't familiar with BDSM sex, it stands for "Bondage, Discipline and Domination, Submission and Sadism and Masochism". It involves a number of activities that are in most cases sexual, where one plays a dominant role over another. For example, a mistress will play the dominating role and she will have a slave to act out the submissive part. The mistress will then order her slave to carry out anything that she demands and he must obey. Depending on the situation, most people like to use sex toys such as whips, chains, handcuffs and blindfolds, to make it more exciting.

Considering that bondage dating has been around for many years, some see this sort of activity to be very inappropriate and a form of physical and metal abuse. Others who engage in BDSM dating see it in a different light, a way to experience both pleasure and pain provided that it is approved by all members participating. Should anyone wish to disengage, they may do so at any point.

On the basis that it is practiced safely, The Love Club has made a playground for people who want to experience BDSM chat and search personals. If this is something that you have never tried and would like to, then it would be best to start out slow before you move onto the more serious activities such as wax burning and whipping. You will also find that most people who take on these sorts of activities are gay men, transgenders, adult groups and straight couples.

To get right into the BDSM personals, you need to create a FREE profile account. Make sure that it is catchy and has an attractive photo, that way you get a better response rate. Also specify bondage as one of your preferred sexual activities. Once done you can start surfing and contact anyone who seems to be your type. Alternatively, you can engage in BDSM chat with other members.

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